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Advanced Accounting System - Google Sheets

Advanced Accounting System - Google Sheets

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ADVANCED Accounting System built in Google Sheets. Transform your business with this fully automated, cloud-based accounting solution. This system is for established and scaling businesses and includes:

Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into monthly business performance, profitability analysis, product margins and detailed business spend.

Monthly Budget Dashboard: Track monthly budget against actual spend along with targets / goals against monthly revenues.

Customer Management: Effortlessly manage your customer data and transactions in one place, along with gaining insights into your top recurring customers.

Chart of Accounts: Streamline your accounting ledger with finances with a detailed and and organized view of your financial accounts (assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, expenses).

Inventory Management: Keep a close eye on your inventory levels for better control and planning.

Sales & Accounts Receivable: Easily track and manage sales, whether cash-based or on account with B2B customers.

Expenses & Accounts Payable: Simplify expenditure tracking and keep track of payables outstanding.

Bank Reconciliation: Ensure accuracy in your financial records with a side by side bank account vs cash ledger account reconciliation.

Tax Summary: Stay tax-ready with a comprehensive summary of your taxes paid vs taxes collected.

Journal Entries: Easily input journal entries as needed.

Trial Balance: Auto-generated trial balance allows for easier balancing of books.

Balance Sheet: Auto-generated balance sheet allows you to visualize YTD business financial health and performance.

Profit & Loss Statement: Auto-generated profit & loss statement allows you to track fiscal year profitability.

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